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Constellation Avocats T&C [updated October 7, 2020] 

T&C 1 – You are browsing the Constellation Avocats website: here is what you agree to!

1.1 – The Constellation T&C apply if you decide to browse the Constellation Avocats website. If you do not agree with these T&C, do not browse this website!

1.2 – Constellation Avocats reserves the right to modify at any time, and without prior notice, these T&C, in order to adapt them to the evolution of its website and the services that may be offered. You are invited to regularly consult the latest updated version of these T&C, which are completed by the personal data protection policy.

1.3 – You are free to browse the Constellation Avocats website to access and view the content that is offered free of charge, in particular the blog articles.

1.4 – You are free to share the http links giving access to the different pages of the Constellation Avocats website and the blog. This is the « right of communication to the public« .

1.5 – You do not have the right to reproduce all or part of the content offered on the Constellation Avocats website (including blog articles), except with the prior written consent of Constellation Avocats.

T&C 2 – Constellation Avocats is the publisher of the « constellation.law » website 

2.1 – The website accessible from the URL https://www.constellation.law or https://constellation-avocats.com is published by the Association d’Avocats à Responsabilité Professionnelle Inter-Barreaux (AARPIIB) Constellation Avocats – SIRET number 845 142 876headquartered at 12 rue Notre-Dame des Victoires 75002 Paris – represented by Mr. Pierre Callède, Attorney at Law at the Bar of Grasse, as President and Director of the publication.

2.2 – For any information request, please contact Constellation Avocats by phone or by email at the address you will find at the bottom of each web page of this site (contact@constellation.law) [no, in 2020, we don’t have telex, nor Minitel, nor fax].

2.3 – The Constellation Avocats website is hosted by OVH SAS – identification number 424 761 419 RCS Lille – headquartered 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix.

2.4 Constellation Avocats carries out its activity in compliance with (i) the national internal regulations of the legal profession (RIN), (ii) the law of 31 December 1971 reforming certain judicial and legal professions and (iii) the decree of 27 November 1991 organizing the legal profession.

T&C 3 – Constellation Avocats holds all intellectual property rights on this website

3.1 – Constellation Avocats owns the domain names « constellation.law » and « constellation-avocats.com » and the trademark « Constellation Avocats ».

3.2 – Constellation Avocats warrants that it owns all intellectual property rights in each of the contents of the Constellation Avocats website, or that it has the contractual right to offer such contents for viewing online.

T&C 4 – Free self-diagnosis

4.1 – You may freely use the self-diagnostics offered free of charge online by Constellation Avocats. You will be granted a free license to use the resulting reports and recommendations.

4.2 – Constellation Avocats draws your attention to the fact that the free self-diagnostics are a generic analysis tool for issues identified by Constellation Avocats and in no way constitute legal advice or an opinion that may engage the responsibility of Constellation Avocats.

4.3 – If a self-diagnosis (or the resulting report) draws your attention to certain professional risks that you or your company are likely to encounter, Constellation Avocats is at your disposal to consider any assessment / action plan / solution to be implemented to ensure the protection of your interests and those of your company.

T&C 5 – Online services offered for a fee

5.1 – Any service offered by Constellation Avocats on its website for a fee (professional self-diagnosis, downloadable contract models, etc.) may be subject to specific conditions to be accepted in advance online by any person wishing to benefit from it.

T&C 6 – Availability of the website

6.1 – As the Constellation Avocats website is free of charge and freely accessible, Constellation Avocats does its utmost to ensure that you can access it 24 hours a day within the framework of an obligation of means (what else?).

T&C 7 – Hypertext links

7.1 – The http links that are proposed on the Constellation Avocats website, including from the blog, are provided « for non-profit purposes » only for the convenience of your web searches. Constellation Avocats is therefore not responsible for the content of the websites to which the proposed http links would allow you to access (« GS Media » CJUE case of September 8, 2016) !

7.2 – If you identify a defective http link (dead link, inappropriate referral or contrary to public order or morality, etc.), please report it to the address contact@constellation.law. Constellation Avocats will correct this http link as soon as possible (without keeping your email address for any purpose).

T&C 8 – Unauthorized use of / access to / retention on the Constellation Avocats website

8.1 – Constellation Avocats reminds you – with regret – of the terms of the articles 323-1 to 323-8 of the French Criminal Code:

Fraudulently accessing or maintaining all or part of the Constellation Avocats website is punishable by two years’ imprisonment and a fine of €60,000. When this results in either the deletion or modification of data contained in the Constellation Avocats website, or an alteration in the operation of this website, the penalty is three years’ imprisonment and a fine of €100,000.

Obstructing or distorting the operation of the Constellation Avocats website is punishable by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of €150,000.

Fraudulently introducing data into the Constellation Avocats website, extracting, holding, reproducing, transmitting, deleting or fraudulently modifying the data it contains is punishable by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of €150,000.

8.2 – The French courts consider that a web site is indeed an « automated data processing system »…

T&C 9 – Applicable law and liability

9.1 – As access to the Constellation Avocats website is free of charge, and the consultation of the contents offered therein is also free of charge, you may invoke the liability of Constellation Avocats under the conditions of common law. That is all.

9.2 – As Constellation Avocats is an association of French lawyers, French law alone applies to these terms of use of the Constellation Avocats website.



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