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Constellation’s Professional Network

Constellation’s Professional Network
    • A team of “hybrid” profiles : having practiced within law firms, companies (start-ups, GAFA), the public sector, in France, abroad… Meet the Team
    • In The USA, Africa, EEA, Asia Pacific… An international network of collaborators for your international projects.
    • Each project is unique : we gather a team that you can rely on, often assisted by our broad network of collaborators specialized in different areas of Law
    • Supporting game changers enables us to think out of the box.
    • We are lawyers, entrepreneurs and investors. As such, we understand your concerns : digital marketing, business development, social networks, SEO, communications, design, web… your concerns are ours too !
Du droit mais pas que du droit !
  • One Team / Project Management : Legal, Finance, Marketing, Sales, PR, CIO, DPO, General Management … : we move your projects forward hand in hand with your internal teams.
  • "Outside General Counsel": external or internal? It is your choice. Invite us to your strategic meetings if you need a General Counsel but do not have an internal legal team yet.
  • We cooperate with non-legal experts to provide “all-in-one” solutions.
  • Investment funds, business angels, cybersecurity, consultants, business development, digital marketing, technical service providers … we give you access to our network of selected professionals if you need support to roll-out your projects.
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